•   •   •  Domain-DNS Documentation  • is a simple to use web and e-mail forwarding service. For advanced users it includes a full-fledged "do it yourself" DNS service, with remote "IP update" capabilities. is a division of Inc., a reputable web-hosting and domain registration company based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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Introduction to began life as a "do it yourself" DNS service. Shortly there after it became the "web forwarding" engine for's domain registration system. The next enhancement was e-mail forwarding. This came with a content based spam filtering system. A Challenge-Response mail filtering system was added almost immediately.

Most new users to will not need to work with the original DNS service, they can configure the web and email forwarding and enjoy full use of their domain names.

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The only service that we charge money for is mail forwarding. The DNS and web forwarding services are FREE. The number of "forwards" shown below is the number of separate addresses configured. (Some packages currently support a "catch-all" wildcard, which only counts as one address. But this may change.)

Package Forwards Spam Filtering Wildcard Credits
basic mail forwarding 5 No No 1 / day $10/yr **
advanced mail forwarding 20 Yes Yes 2 / day $20/yr
unlimited mail forwarding unlimited Yes Yes 5 / day $50/yr
Full mail service - forwarding/pop/webmail 50 Yes Yes 5 / day $50/yr
Pricing is in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes.
**Domains registered through BareMetal should automatically get credits sufficient to run a basic account for a year.

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