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Installation is like a car engine... it can not do anything useful unless it is connected to the car, you make this connection by changing the DNS servers for your domain name to be the nameservers:

      IMPORTANT: For this service to work you _must_ set the 
      DNS servers for your domain to:
            "" and
      If you do not know how do to this please get technical support 
      from the organization that registered your domain.
      If you are with a registrar that requires IP addresses, 
      they are,, and

You _can_ setup your account and configure everything before you change the DNS servers, but obviously it won't "work" until after the DNS servers are changed.

Quick Setup

If this is your first time using you will need to set up a username and a password. To do this Click on the "Signup here" button on the main page.

Enter an email address for your userid (this will be used if you forget your password) and a password.

Your account should now be set up and you are ready to begin adding domains to your account.

After logging in you should see a screen called "Zone List". To add a new domain, click the "Add a zone" button at the bottom of the screen.

If you are going to use the web and/or mail forwarding features, just enter your domain name in the zone field and hit the submit button. The next screen will be a list of hosts in the zone, ignore it and hit the 'Back to zone list' button to get back to the main menu. From there you can control web and mail forwarding! :-)

If you are going to configure "raw" DNS, please jump to the DNS document. It provides information about what all the fields are and how to use them.

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