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Introduction to web forwarding

Web forwarding is a service that allows you to point your domain name to an existing web site or display a short message on your domain.

Types of forwarding

Web forwarding currently comes in 4 types:

  • Redirect:
    A redirect sends people from your domain to an existing web site on another domain. For example, if you owned "", you could send people from to, or to

    With a redirect, the visitor will see the target web site URL in the location bar.

    The redirect service is designed so that a visitor can access all of the target web site from your domain. For example, will redirect the visitor to http://target/products/shipping.cgi?cartid=1&checkout=1

  • Frameset ("cloaking"):
    Frameset forwarding works in a similar manner to a redirect. The difference is that when the visitor accesses your domain in their web browser, they will see your domain in the location bar, but the content of the target web site in the main browser window.

    As with redirects, the entire target web site is accessible through your domain when you use a frameset. In this case, our example looks like this: When the user visits they see exactly that URL in the location bar, and the content that appears in the browser window is from http://target/products/shipping.cgi?cartid=1&checkout=1

    "Cloaking" is a another common name for this type of forward.

    Implementation note: If the redirect or frameset destination does not end in /, then all redirects or frameset forwards will point directly to that destination, they will not be "mapped" as described above.

  • Business Card:
    The business card option allows you to provide HTML for a simple, single-page web site. You cannot install images, but you can reference images on other servers.

  • Park:
    The park option provides a simple, predefined 'This domain is parked' page for your domain. You might use this choice while you are preparing a new web site.

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