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Hosted E-Mail - Full mail service

Enabling the full mail service option for your domain will allow you to add POP/IMAP accounts to your domain. These are similar to forwarding accounts, but mail is stored on the server instead of forwarded to another service provider.

Since email messages are not going to an existing account, you'll need to either use webmail or configure an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook to retrieve the messages.

E-Mail Client Configuration

The basic parameters for configuring an email client are:

Incoming server
Outgoing server
or you can use your ISP's mail server
you may need to configure your email client to send mail on port 587 if your ISP blocks connections to port 25
User name userid@YOURDOMAIN
e.g. your full email address
Account type either POP3 or IMAP

Spam Filtering and Webmail

See the mail_forwarding page for details about configuring spam filtering.

Webmail (squirellmail) is available at

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