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Web Hosting Services:

This is new as of September 2005, and we are still enhancing the products we have. The intention is that will provide cost-effective "no frills" web-hosting. This will vary from very small (e.g. $10/yr) packages up to packages that compete with those of our main division:

The current hosting products include variable amounts of disk space and bandwidth allowances. They vary from 1 to 100 meg of disk space, 10 to 125 Megabytes/day of data transfer, and from $10 to $50/yr in cost.

plan a: Our smallest hosting plan
  • 10 Megabytes of data transfer per day
  • 1 Megabyte of disk space
  • 1 Credit per day ($10/year)

plan b: A bigger package
  • 60 Megabytes of data transfer per day
  • 50 Megabytes of disk space
  • 3 Credits per day ($30/year)

plan c:

If your site goes over it's bandwidth allowance for the day, all requests will get a very short error message for a response. Bandwidth usage, and webserver configurations are updated ever 20 minutes, so the suspensions will be close to "real time".

If you do exceed your bandwidth allowance, you can upgrade to the next bigger account. You can downgrade after the traffic spike :).

Very basic statistics are kept for all web services (e.g. number of hits per day) for 30 days. (These should be available before Sept 10, 2005.)

Upcoming enhancements:

We will be creating new accounts that have support for PHP and CGI scripts.

We will be creating new accounts or updating some of the current ones to include "real" usage statistics (probably from webalizer).

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